Your Safety

The Covid protocols we have in place at our events comply with current government guidelines. They may be subject to change if the government issue new criteria that must be adhered to. This is being reviewed and amended at all times. Although the rules have relaxed, many of us are still very cautious of the virus so please be kind and respect others space when visiting us. 


Following government guidelines, social distancing measures are more relaxed but please follow these simple rules of conduct to ensure everybody stays safe and comfortable. 

  • When using the toilet facilities please respect other peoples space. 2 metre markings will be clearly displayed for guidance.
  • There is no requirement to wear a face covering as we are outdoors but do bear in mind some people are more vulnerable.
  • Please follow the rules set out at the time, we will take action if we think you are a risk to other people or our staff.


  • We will provide plenty of toilet facilities and there will be disabled toilets on site.
  • Unless you are taking a child, only one person may enter any one cubicle at a time. 
  • Please follow the government guidelines on washing your hands as hygiene is important for everyone!
  • Each toilet cubicle will have hand cleaning facilities inside, and additonal sanitiser stations outside.
  • The toilets will be checked and cleaned regularly. 
  • Queueing with 2 metre distances is preferred if you can.


  • If you purchase food and/or drinks from our facilities onsite please use contactless payment where possible. If cash has to be used the correct amount must be given to limit the the need to pass money back and forth.
  • All catering staff will  follow strict hygiene protocols in the preperation, packing and distribution of your food and drink. 
  • Our caterers are registered with local licensing as food suppliers and follow strict guidelines. 
  •  We will provide rubbish bins and would appreciate you using them or taking your waste away with you. We want to leave no trace after the event and your help with this is appreciated.
  • We aim to use local suppliers and producers wherever possible. 


  • All of our staff from car park marshals to caterers will be happy to hekp if you are polite and curteous. 
  • Our staff will be present at all the food and drink areas, and patrolling the site throughout the duration of your visit. This is so we can ensure your safety. Look for hi-viz or radios if you need some attention. 
  • Hand sanitising stations will be present at all toilet facilities, please use them. Areas which potentially have a lot of ‘touch’, will be cleaned regularly.