Suffolk's first ever!




November, 2021


Explosive Solutions have partnered with Event FX to bring you unique and unforgettable drive in experiences in the heart of Suffolk. We have fun, family-friendly firework events in the panning so take a look at our events page for more information.

The last year has been monumentally hard for all of us and we hope with our events we can give us all something to look forward to. 

As we all adapt to new ways of living our professional team will take every precaution to ensure your safety, and our detailed planning will meet all guidelines on socially-distanced, COVID secure events so we all stay safe. We have a proven track record of delivering these types of events and look forward to welcoming you at our next event. 

How do Drive Ins work? 

  • Book tickets online charged on a per person basis, with prices for adults and children. 
  • Before the event day you will receive an email with the option to pre-order hot food, snacks and drink.
  • On arrival you will be directed to the ticket booth for contactless check-in and then directed to your parking bay by our excellent team of attendants. You must arrive in a vehicle, do not come on foot! 
  • IMPORTANT: To be inline with current laws no more than 6 people can be in any one car. This is your bubble and you must not mix with any other bubble when on site. 
  • For those who have pre-booked food and drink, you will be diverted to our drive through collection point prior to being directed to your dedicated parking bay. 
  • Once parked, feel free to use our socially distanced toilets and sanitiser facilities, otherwise please stay at your vehicle. Any food or drink sales on the day will be done at your vehicle by our staff. 
  • Prior to the show there will be music played and a Compère keeping you entertained and informed until firing time.
  • During the display you must stay at your vehicle at all times, but you dont have to stay inside just as long as you are always in physical contact with your vehicle to make sure you and your neighbours remain safe. 
  • Directly after firing the display our team of attendants will direct you off site. Please do not drive off without being directed as we have people on amongst vehicles and it is essential we guide vehicles off site in a steady and controlled way. Your safety is important to us!

For more information on how we are ensuring your safety follow the link below.

Have a question? Then get in touch via email by simply clicking on the 'Contact us' button below.